A midsummer’s dream | 2016

A midsummer’s dream | Video Installation – full HD -Color -Sound | 2’21’’ | 2016

Sound from The dream, Don Chisciotte ballet, Pera Theatre, Istanbul

I created this video installation in order to think about my situation in Turkey. As foreign woman living in a troubled country in a problematic time I was rethinking about my identity. I experienced the terroristic attacks, the violent manifestations, the failed cup in 2016. At the same time of this huge “feeling of terror” the public theatre near my house, close to Taxim square, was celebrating the end of the scholar year with a performance of the young ballerina of the school. They designed a ballet with the music of Don Chisciotte, from the aria “The dream”. When I heard the song, I felt immediately the power of the Don Chisciotte’s dream. And related to the situation in Turkey, I thought this dream was the right place for me to stay, together with the turkish artists of the theatre. My dream comes true after a while, when I had the opportunity to come to Vietnam and rethink from distance about the turkish situation. The performance with pilots and children was supported by ONG Afn Vietnam.


The censorship at the biennial in Istanbul, 2016: With “A midsummer’s dream” I took part to the 4th Children and Youth Biennial in Istanbul. I was invited by Pasaj, the curatorial team of the event. The day before the opening several works from both artists and children have been censured. The reasons of the censorship was the relation of these works with issues like Kurdistan, Gezi Park, or war in general. I accepted to participate to this art Biennial in Turkey with the conviction that my works are strictly connected with issues of democracy and freedom of speech. For that reason, together with other artists invited by Pasaj, we decided to remove our works from the Biennial. Attached my personal statement: Anna Borghi statement pdf