Argo |2015


Argo, C print, 10×15, 16 pieces, 2015. Full HD video, 0’55’’, color, sound, 2015

This project came from a visit to Rumelifeneri (close to Istanbul), during the 14th Istanbul Biennial, in October 2015. In this small village, located between the Black Sea and the end of the Bosphorus, I was following the last work of Lawrence Weiner.Here I met a dog name Argo, and he led me through Rumelifeneri’s harbour. He was extremely happy to show me his place and, at the same time, he was the perfect guide for me. During our trip, Argo walked around smelling objects and choosing things to pee on it. I decided that these object were perfect works of art. So, this C print serie is a selection of Argo’s preferite things.During the next months I went to visit Argo other times. I still go there sometime, and we’re both extremely happy.