In silence. Foreign languages in the age of chaos | 2016-2018

Project | Informal discussion- digital documentation- poetry writing exercises – video exercises

I started this project in Istanbul (Turkey) in a pluricultural turkish school of the city center. The driving force behind it was a very personal encounter with the city of Istanbul in a historical moment so violent, fragmented and fragile as the current one. The outline of my concept started from questioning the role of teaching italian language as foreign language during such a politically volatile period in Istanbul. I worked with the teachers of the school instigating discussions and informal conversations around the theme of physical behavior, interaction with the students, teachers bodies during classes and aspects of multiple identifications.



How physical postures in the class can affect other bodies?

 Poetry writing exercises


In silence | Full HD video – Color | 5’06”| 2017

The sound of the video is made recording the teachers poetry. This work addresses an issue with architecture and people as witness of the pluricultural environment of the school. It was used as part of the process, to led the teachers more conscious of their role in this specific contest.


The project “In silence. Foreign languages in the age of chaos. 2016/2018″ is part of Peer paper creative process, n. 5,     Amsterdam, May 2018