I Want to Sleep Well – Vietnam |2015





 I WANT TO SLEEP WELL, performance/workshop and C Print series, 2015

The performance lead Vietnamese children to think about their way of sleeping, but actually it’s also a metaphor and a provocation in a double direction. First, from the point of view of a vietnamese child, second from the way of thinking of the “comfort- man”. The children create their personal pillow using plastic and recycling materials. Then, they color their pillows to make them beautiful. When they finish, they write sentences on a plastic paper on the wall.
“What does it means to sleep well?” or “Can you describe the way in which you sleep?”, “Do you think it is comfortable or not?”. These are just examples of the sentences put on the walls. The questions are for the children. The way of sleeping is presented as a metaphor, through the meaning that “to sleep” is not just fall asleep, but also it can be the grade of comfort in life. To sleep is a metaphor of a good life. In this way the question won’t be: “Do you sleep well?” but most of all: “Do you live well?”. The entire performance is realized without speaking, using only gestures, written words and sentences.
The second point of view is from the artist, who represent the “comfort- man”. This man is coming from the “first world”, and he perfectly knows what does it means to sleep well and in a comfortable way. At the same time, he has another thing for sure: when you come from this world sometime you fell to have had an enormous fortune in life, to have got the opportunity that most of people in the world don’t have.
The anthropologist Marc Auge’ thinks about the connection between poverty and knowledge, argues about the future of the world in a metter of “aristhocracy of the power”, and looks at the opportunities of a girl who live somewhere in Afghanistan and a American boy, son of two Harvard’s Professors. This example maybe sounds a bit catastrophic, but it shows in a big contest what the “comfort-man” sees in everyday life. He knows the huge difference between different opportunities. After seen these mis-opportunities, sometime it happens that the “comfort-man” has problems during is nigh time. Maybe is the moon, or maybe are the stars, but what he surely knows is that sometime he can’t sleep well.
Vietnamese children think about their life and, most of all, they have the opportunity to express what they have inside. They can draw about their way of sleeping, fell free to enjoy the colors and the creations. On the other side, the “comfort-man” can stop to pass over his problem, starting to look things through the problem. Maybe this can help him during the night, maybe not, but it doesn’t matter.
As a contemporary work, I WANT TO SLEEP WELL aim was to become part of the real life. And that’s what happened. The last day of the workshop, the children went back to their home and spoke with their families about the way of sleeping. Then, inspired by their teachers Co Khanh, the children created real pillows with their families. The children are from the poorest neighborhood of the town, and in my opinion their initiative to do something at home, represented the chance to spend high quality time with their families. And this was an unexpected, but at the same time dreamt, target of the entire project. The C Print “Keep it real- the fake one” serie of three pictures shows this process. I choose the world “fake” in a ironical way to intensify the difference between a simple art work and the “great reality”.
Performance and workshop with Nourish them with art. Thanks to ONG AFN Vietnam. With the participation of: Ana Hoang Anh, art teacher supporter, Simone Monticelli, teacher and volunteer, Co Khanh, teacher, Co Trang and Co Doang, teachers and co-founders of Pho Cap.