Suburbs, its a long way | 2002 – 2007




Suburbs, it’s a long way, egg tempera on canvas, different sizes, 2002-2007

This series of works represent the long process of my artistic starting. It comes from the Academy of Fine Art of Brera in Milan, where I’ve learnt how to draw. It was the first contact with the world of art and my first experience in a huge and international city. It was also the time in which I started to work as an artist in a private art gallery. This experience had taught me a lot, especially how to survive with an art job, but most of all I realized what I wish I would had in my life and what I wouldn’t. The most funny things that I remember is related to one of my work named “Untitled”, a big canvas represented an extension of one of my previous works inspired by Cosme’ Tura. It comes that this paint was sold and sent to San Francisco in USA. Then, due to a technical problem during the flight, the canvas needed to be restored and was sending back to my studio in Milan. Here I restored it and then the paint flew back to USA again. At that time I’ve never travel outside Italy, except few times. That’s why I used to say: “Untitled had travelled more than me”. But luckily not for long!

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