The Fall in South Africa |2015

The fall in South Africa, performance and C Print, 10x15cm, 20 pieces, 2015

The fall in South Africa it’s an ongoing work and it’s part of a bigger work about the fall. Watching Europe as a flat map, South Africa is the most southern point of this flat/fairytale continent. Thinking about the fall, I started to consider the project also in a geographical point of view. For this reason, Sout Africa represents, for instance, the perfect country for the fall. This performance, photos and video, was taken place at the Cape of Good Hope, which is not actually the most southern point of S.A., but is the meeting point of Atlantic ocean and Indian Ocean. I’m planning to repeat the performance in the real most southern place, which is Cape Argulla. For that reason, my daughter has to fall down again in Cape Argulla. Even with no preparation and consider her as a wonderful corridor, I think it won’t be a problem at all.