Vietnam trail|2013


Vietnam trail, egg tempera and vietnamese paper on canvas, different sizes, 2013

These works come from my experience in Vietnam. I was there as an art teacher volunteer in a school for street children. In that school, from 2010 to 2013 I opened a permanent art space available for all the student, and thanks to the support of ONG AFN and other international organizations, the space is still running. That was a very strong experience, that changed me a lot. I started to think about art as a collective experience, and the school was a kind of test for my first participatorian projects. But at the same time, I kept drawing with old Italian technique as egg tempera and canvas. This serie represents the result of that period. At that time, I was working with hundred of children and I was in contact with hundred of children’s drowns. I selected few of them and I started to recreate figures and landscapes, inspired by the visual thoughts of the vietnamese children.